Saturday, March 26, 2011

The ABC's of Me

{I found this fun little thing here, and am totally stealing it. Happy Saturday, everyone!}

1. Age –27...28 on May 16
2. Bed size – queen
3. Chore you dislike the most – folding and putting away laundry
4. Dog? 2 Ramon and Sugar

5. Essential start to your day – coffee
6. Favorite color-pink (all shades) and turquoise
7. Gold or Silver- silver
8. Height- 5’3
9. Instruments you have played – clarinet (badly) in fifth grade
10. Job Life –restaurant hostess, childcare at a gym, makeup artist, brief stint at the Convention and Visitors Bureau and now mama/household ceo
11. Kids- Two cute ones. Leila Mia Bella (4) and Gianna Makena (1)

12. Live – Northern California
13. Mom’s name –Teri
14. Nicknames – Pua, Wifey
15. Overnight hospital stays – Only when I had my girls
16. Pet Peeves – terrible drivers, people who smoke right next to their little kids
17. Quote from a movie – “Remove the head or destroy the brain." - Shaun of the Dead.  Bet you didn't think there'd be any zombie references on this blog, did ya?

18.Righty or Lefty for Politics- totally depends on the issue
19. Siblings – Ryan (25)
20. Time you wake up on weekdays – whenever the girls make me get out of bed
21. Underwear - Cute.
22. Vegetable you don’t like – brussel sprouts
23. What makes you late – the girls. Especially when Gianna decides to go #2 as I'm strapping her into her car seat. She has a very distinctive poo face.
24. Xray you have had –I think the only x-rays I've ever had were when I hurt my knee
25. Yummy good food you make – I make some pretty awesome pasta (red) sauce
26. Zoo animal favorite – Penguins.  Who doesn't love the penguins?


Krulls in Haiti said...

Love it! I might have to steal this idea too ;)

Love turquoise, and poopy diapers are always making me late!

Handbags*and*Pigtails said...

Bad drivers are atop my pet peeve list too. And there are soooo many of them(not that Ive EVER driven poorly,mind you:))

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Love it! We are super similar, but we already knew that...hence I love you so much :)

Jenni said...

This post is adorable and wouldn't you know...I learned new things about you! So fun!

Amy said...

Love this! Might have to steal it myself. :) xoxo

Denissa said...

Oh that is soo fun!! Totally stealing too :)


Dear Lillie said...

Love that photo of your girls!

Anonymous said...

SO much fun, right? Great job and love learning more about the new bloggy buddies I meet!
Nice touch with the pics too...your girls are gorgeous!

Tara said...

i am SO with you on the laundry, coffee and penguins!! and im totally doing this! so fun!


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