Monday, April 25, 2011

My life in phone pictures

Butterfly headband?  Oh, Target dollar spot how I love you...

Cutest little Home Depot shoppers ever!

Last week Lulu got her four-year-old shots (four of them) plus a youchie finger prick.  She was later rewarded with her first strawberry milkshake.

This little chick swiped one of Leila's drinkable yogurts out of the fridge.  I'm pretty sure daddy helped her out with the straw, though.

This is what we call Ramon's "chomps" face.  He looks tough, doesn't he?

Andrea and Danielle inspired me to get a set of hot rollers.  Hello, hair compliments!  How did I go so long without hot rollers?

Pop quiz: polar bear who swam through algae, or Eskimo dog who ran through freshly cut grass?

We visited my Grandma the other day, and on the way home stopped at Toto's.  Best pizza ever.  Coco agrees.

At Leila's preschool fundraiser last week she got those little glittery rainbow strands in her hair.  She loved it.

These little besties have been fighting over who gets to sleep in Leila's room with her.  They can't both or else they'd play and keep her up.  It's funny to watch them try to get in her room first.

No matter how hard I try to deny that she's getting to be a big girl, there is no stopping Gianna.  She is growing so quickly, and learning new things every single day.

Have a happy day, friends!


jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Aw, your girlies are so cute. :) Have a great week!

natalieanddogs said...

You have such lovely kids and cute dogs. I bet it's really fun to be around them.

Natalie on american eskimo training


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