Monday, April 18, 2011


Do you pin?  If you do, do you love it?  I have to say that I do love it, but it is a total time suck.  There have been nights that I've planned to go on for just a few minutes after the girls go to bed, but by the time I've clicked through a handful of "pins" I've found that a couple of hours have flown right by.  I love that you can truly pin anything and everything.  An awesome hairstyle? Pinned it.  A chihuahua painted like a deer? Pinned it.  Sparkly shoes that I kind of have to have? Pin there, done that.

If you feel like you have time for one more "thing" follow me over on Pinterest.  If you need an invite, I have a few of those left too.  Are you on Pinterest?  I'd love to check out your boards!

PS - have you entered the Scentsy giveaway yet?  It ends tonight, and the winner will be announced tomorrow!


ready to elope... said...

I LOVE pinterest. I got turned on to it by another blog I follow and just cant get enough!
You can follow my pins "jen woosley" if you like. I am gonna follow yours!

Jess said...

What a small world!
I AM on pinterest!
I blogged about it today!
I am sooo very addicted!
I have a link on my blog to check out my pins!
Happy Monday!

Amy C said...

Looks addictive! I would love an invite if you still have some.

Launa said...

I have no idea what pinterest is but I clicked over to your account and I love the idea of having a place to keep everything (literally... it looks like you can make a category for anything!!) Woohoo! If you have any more invites I would love it if you shoot me one!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Launa - what is your email address? I'd love to send you a Pinterest invite, but your email isn't attached when you comment!


Tara said...

never even heard of it!! i need to check it out!!

Launa said...

Heather,... my email is
hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!

amaya said...

I would like an invite, please!


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