Monday, July 11, 2011

Got a burning question?

I've seen several other bloggers do fun "ask me anything"-type posts, and I thought it might be fun if I did the same.

Got a question? About blogging? Kids? Dogs? Hair? Life? WHATEVER..... ask away.  You can go ahead and leave your question(s) in the comment section of this post, or email me angelfacedesigns AT gmail DOT com and I'll do a q & a post soon. 

Don't make me feel like a total dorkus and not leave any questions, mmmkay?

xo, Heather!

ps - it's 7/11 today.  does anyone else feel the urge to get a slurpee??


Elle said...

Where did the nickname Coco come from? :)

Angie Mae said...

Okay, here are my questions...your hair always looks so pretty, what kind of products to you use? Do you use a flat iron or hair dryer? Your daughters are so beautiful, are you planning on having any more? What is your favorite color? I know you had mentioned you like turquoise and orange...well those are my burning questions...for now :)

Anonymous said...

Hello!! I started a blog, and love talking about stuff is pictures super important to help with followers, I don’t have any yet, but I think maybe that is why?
I follower your blog and I think it's great so any advise on building my blog would be fantastic.



Jane Wetzel said...

Okay....your hair is so it all real? lol would you consider doing some tutorials on jewelry making (simple) for beginners?

Unknown said...

I'd love to hear the back story (if there is one) about how you choose your girls' names? They are so adorable!

Jessica Johnson said...

are you coming out with us on the 9th??? there is one correct answer :). xxoo

joen said...

With two little ones when do you find the time to write your blog everyday? (not that I mind (LOL) I enjoy reading it everyday)

amaya said...

I would like you please to give us makeup tutorials for eyes, face, different looks, everything. I don't like a lot of the ones on other blogs - the woman don't seem real.

Also how did you and your husband meet?

Having anymore kids?

What kinds of animals do you habve?

what kind of music do you like?

whats the last book yuo read?

Blanca said...

Your so funny. :)

I agree that I'd love to hear about any blogging tips you may have. I blog as a way to not forget those special memories and I jot down ideas that I have. I don't have any followers and that doesn't make me sad because I would only want people to follow along if they reallly wanted to not "just cuz".

Also, I would love to know what kind of parenting tips or tricks you have. It's always fun to hear other normal moms thoughts, not moms who think their better than other moms.

I also have to say that I've blog hopped a lot and you do seem like such a real/ sweet down to earth person. I saw you at the Queen Bee Market in May and wanted to say hello but I didn't want to seem like a total wierdo. :)

I also love knowing if the blogs I follow or etsy shops I shop at are support our troops. My husband and I are both US Marines and it's so nice to hear that other people all over the place still support what we're doing.

I hope you get enough questions. :)

Take care.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

I love Q&A posts!!! I have been wanting to do one for a few months, but haven't yet!
1. What made you get into handstamped jewelery? Was it a hobby first & then a business?
2. If your girls would have been boys, what would their names have been?
3. What is your dream vacation spot? With kids? Without kids?

Hope those weren't too random :)

jolene's spot said...

Hey! I love your blog, I just never comment:) I wanted to know if you had any make up recommendations for people with very sensitive combination skin?

jolene's spot said...

Hey! I love your blog, I just never comment:) I just wanted to know if you have any recommendations for people who have sensitive combination skin?
Thanks so much,


Kristin said...

Celebrity crushes?

Favorite color?

Favorite song?

Favorite place to shop?

Favorite material thing?

Also, thank you so much for my earrings! I wore the red ones on the fourth and got lots of compliments on them!

Linz said...

I just found your blog and I think that it is super cute! I just wanted to letcha know that I've tried out the headband (Taylor swift) hair... And the first time didn't work out too well...but gonna try again! Thanks!

Tara said...

out of all your tattoos, which spot hurt the worst?

i am with mel...if your girls would have been boys what would have been their names?

Kristin said...

Ok, one more question. It's kind of a silly vain one, but one of my last questions was too, so oh well. I want to know your favorite lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow, and blush. Be specific - names, colors, brands! I have a big gift card to sephora and want to use it!


Oh, and yes, I agree with the requests for makeup tutorials.


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