Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shop for Sharlie Fundraiser

Hey friends! I am participating in an amazing fundraiser started up by Jess of Allora Handmade and Mique of 30 Days Blog, in support of their friend Sharlie. Sharlie has cystic fibrosis and is in desperate need of a double lung and heart transplant.  Several bloggers (self included) have donated a tutorial and/or ad space with 100% of the proceeds going to Sharlie's medical fund.  If you've ever considered advertising on my blog now is the time!

I've also included a tutorial for my all-natural lemon sugar scrub.  It's delicious.

There are a ton of wonderful .pdf tutorials and printables available on the Shop for Sharlie site.  Consider buying some and helping this sweet woman out!


Mindy Harris said...

hi heather, it's mindy! thanks for following my blog! did you hate to wash your hair after the great blow of 2011 at the dry bar? :) following your bloggity blog now. XOXOXO

the queen bee said...

Thanks so much Heather for donating AND posting. You're the best!! xoxo

Tara said...

you're such a good person.


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