Thursday, October 27, 2011

Life in Phone Pictures

Hey there! If you're stopping in from the follower fest, here's a little bit about name is Heather. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my cute firefighter hubby, and our two beautiful daughters - Leila and Gianna. I like to make jewelry and love all things miniature. Guess that about sums it up.  On to our regularly scheduled post....

Most of these pictures are from mine and Tony's Santa Barbara weekend....

Gorgeous lookout spot in Carmel.

Little island near Capitola filled with elephant seals.

Gas in Big Sur was $4.89/gallon.  Ouch.

Awesome Farmer's Market in Cambria.

One of my favorite things about California - Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf!

Wine tasting in Los Olivos.

Souvenirs for the girls.

Leila is such a Nordstrom girl (already.) We were in the shoe section, and she said "This chair is fabulous! I need to check it out." Seriously - she said that, verbatim. Fabulous is one of her favorite words. I love her.

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Denissa said...

Leila is too much :) cutie pie..those Vans are ADORABLE! And the ONLY thing I miss about living in LA is Coffee Bean!

 The Morris Family said...

Wow!!! Great pictures!!!!

KidZ can say the funnest things!!! Jeremiah (11) said the other day, "can I occupy your phone??" hahah!!!

Happy Firday

Candice said...

Oh man those shoes are cute! Did you get them at the vans store or somewhere else I need them for my Hello Kitty lover!

Jessica Johnson said...

ha! she DID NOT say that chair was fabulous! DYING! she is your girl!

Dawn Duddy said...

Oh my goodness! I love it when children talk like grown ups like that! LOL So cute! I found you on the Follower's Fest. I hope you'll stop by my blog and comment and follow as well if you find something you like. :)

Mom Blog Society said...

Love it! Visiting from October Follow Fest! I hope you take the time to stop by my site too! TIP:
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{cuppakim} said...

the central coast is SO freaking gorgeous.
their gas prices are SO freaking not!

TDM Wendy said...

The Coffee Bean and time away with the husband. Two best things.

Kristen said...

leila in the fabulous chair is my favorite picture.... love it! she is so cute.

Tara said...

she is SO CUTE.


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