Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm (blank) because

I’m weird because…
I like my dogs better than most people.
I prefer to NOT cuddle when I sleep.
I'm not touchy-feely-huggy with anyone but my girls.
I like my showers so hot my skin is dark pink when I get out.
I can’t sleep with a top sheet.
I sing along to every song on the radio/iPod and I sing it like I mean it.
I spend way more on my girls clothes than I do on my own.
I gravitate to the ugliest Christmas trees in the lot. I feel bad for them  - like no one else will want it. So sad.
I can't go to bed if there are any dishes left in the sink, but if the house is a complete disaster otherwise, I'm cool.
I have a *major* nail polish addiction.

I’m a bad friend because…
I'm awful at returning voice mails.
I pretty much hate to talk on the phone - text or email me, people.
I don't like playdates.
I get my feelings hurt easily, and instead of telling my friend they hurt me I sit on it. Forever.
I’m a good friend because…
I am fiercely loyal.
I always stick up for my friends.
I like to surprise people with little gifts - gifts are my "love language"
I throw a pretty fun girl’s night.
I will do whatever I can to help a friend out.
I love my friends unconditionally.
I’m sad because…
I feel eaten up by mommy guilt over too many little things.
I let little things bother me, which then turn into big things.
I am hosting Christmas and certain people who will be here stress me out.
I'm totally getting sick. Crazy sore throat, headaches and tummy aches. Right before Thanksgiving. {sad trombone.}
Parks and Recreation is only on once a week.
I fed my children mac 'n cheese too many times this week. I need to get better about meal planning.
It doesn't feel like the holiday season to me

I’m happy because…
We're hosting Christmas this year and won't have to go anywhere!
Leila comes in my bed every morning and quietly watches cartoons until Gianna wakes up. I get a little extra sleep, and we get some good chat time, just the two of us.
Breaking Dawn came out. Now I just need to find time to see it!
I'm taking Leila on a "girl date" to see the new Muppets movie this week. I have fond memories of the Muppets (Fonzie is my favorite) and I'm excited to see the new movie with her.
Even at 28 I can count on my parents at anytime for anything. I had proof of this on Friday, at midnight.
I’m excited for…
Thanksgiving!  My brother and sister-in-law are hosting in their new home - half a mile from us.
Black Friday! My mom and I are among the crazies.
Feeling like it's the holiday season. I'm not there yet, but hopefully soon.
Our Elf on a Shelf, Patches to "arrive".
Christmas movies to start showing up on tv. Does anyone know if Elf or Love, Actually will be on soon?
Family time.

inspired by Ashley of Little Miss Momma

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joen said...

Great post! I'm looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with my family and getting into holiday mode and spending time with my friends and laughing with my daughters...

Unknown said...

I love this post!!!!! it's what we all think about are selfs!!!! , plus i'm glad i'm not alone....

Teri said...

Oh my goodness, you are so honest and brave my girl! I love how you show all sides of yourself. This post made me cry! You need to always remember how amazing you are that you have so many people that love and adore you, especially me and Dad!!! I love that we are among the crazies on Black Friday, before we know it the girls will be joining our craziness. I love you my girl, Love,Mom xoxox....

grey rose (they/them) said...

i love this heather.
you are beautiful, such a sweet inspiration!

happy monday!!

Jill said...

You are just precious!!!- LOVE your nail polish collection! *sigh*
Happy Thanksgiving week sweet friend!
p.s. hope you feel better soon!!

amaya said...

I like this post. I think all moms have guilt for lots of silly things but hopefuly our kids wont notice all the things we're doing wrong. I bet your a great mother1!

Sandy a la Mode said...

hehh soo fun!! i WISH i had a bigger nail polish collection and would spend more time on keeping them painted!!

Erica said...

Awww such a sweet post! Even though our paths don't cross often enough, love to see you and those pretty little girls on here. :) I hope the holiday season brightens us up soon (I'm kinda in a funk as well) and if not, maybe we should all have a virtual Xmas movie marathon. I've got my copy of Love Actually all ready to go! :)

Anonymous said...

DROOLING over your nail polish collection. :) Hope your holidays ROCK, girlfriend. *hugs*

Erin Burns said...

There is no way in H-E- double hockey stix you could EVER be a bad friend. You make my day, everyday, from hundreds of miles away. Truely one of my favoritest people ever...and I could never live without your beautiful self!! So blessed to have you in my life. This post made me happy. I might have to copy!! xo

Ashley Newell said...

You and I are a lot alike. :D

Kristen said...

i am totally copying this post... and some of the answers as mine would be the same.

- totally not a huggy touchy feely person
- love love love hot showers
- gifts is my love language too... i love to give gifts
- i spend way more on my kids clothes than mine too

i loved this and getting to know you better. thanks for doing this post!

Lena K. said...

we have many things in common!
Oh, here's a list of the holiday movies for this year:


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