Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Patching

Last month was insanely busy for us, and unfortunately we only got to go to the pumpkin patch once (on Halloween weekend too!) but we made the most of it.

We kissed fake horses.

Pet (real) donkeys.

Took our sweet time finding the perfect pumpkin.

But even more exciting than any of those things - we rode ponies!

I don't know who has a better time when the girls ride ponies - them riding them, or us watching them. They have so much fun and it's a blast to watch! We're lucky to have such an awesome pumpkin patch just ten minutes away.  Did you go pumpkin patching this year?!


{cuppakim} said...

i'm loving coco's pineapple pony.
and jacket.
stop it with all the cuteness up in here.

looks like your girls had an awesome day at the patch :)

Jamie-Leigh said...

Looks Like allot of fun :D xx

amaya said...

their so pretty!


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