Tuesday, December 6, 2011

AFD Gift Guide: For him + Julep Giveaway Winner

My husband is SO hard to shop for and was of no help in writing this list. He usually says "nothing" or "whatever" um.....thanks for all the help? So I put together a little list of what I think most men would like. Hope it helps you out this holiday season!

1. Limited edition Birchbox Man box.  For only $45 you get over $200 worth of awesome men's products ranging from hair products, cologne, shaving cream to super cool ear buds and much more! My husband never asks for grooming products, but always appreciates when I get them for him, especially the high-end ones like you'll find in this bag.

2. iPod Nano. So we all know what an iPod is, and agree that everything Apple makes is perfection. Your man can take this little iPod everywhere, and if he loses it (does anyone else's husband have a tendency to permanently misplace things, or is it just mine?) it won't be too expensive to replace.

3. Wood grain iPhone case.  Dress up your guy's iPhone with this unexpected case. If Ron Swanson used an iPhone this is the case he'd have. Stylish, yet woodsy and manly.

4. Steam punk Cuff Links. So I'm not exactly sure what the whole "steam punk" thing is, I just know I like the way these cuff links look. Made out of an old watch, your man will love this unique accessory to add a pop of style to the same old suit.

5. Dewalt Reciprocating Saw. My husband says they have one of these tools on every single fire truck and engine. This baby can cut through a car faster than the jaws of life, which your man probably won't need to do, but it's nice to know that it can. With wood and metal cutting blades it will be super versatile for projects around the house.

6. Anything in the Oak for Men line at Bath and Body Works. This stuff smells soooooo good and BBW always has awesome sales. It's inexpensive to begin with, but if you can get it on sale or with a coupon it's even better!

7.  Tweed Driving Cap. For when he doesn't want to do his hair, but is sick of his boring, old baseball hat. My husband has a driving cap and he looks ridiculously cute in it, therefore I recommend one for the man in your life.

8. Oakley 'Gascan' sunglasses. Stylish, sporty and comfortable. Who doesn't love a great pair of sunglasses?

9. Combat RC Helicopter. He may be a full grown man, but you know he's still a little boy at heart. "This advanced technology gives you more real-flight maneuvers and battle action."

10. Nike + Sports watch with GPS.  This is so cool. "Using GPS by TomTom with the Nike+ Sensor, you can start tracking your run instantly, and get accurate speed and distance information, indoors or out--even if the GPS signal gets interrupted. The Nike+ SportWatch GPS by TomTom tracks your time, distance, pace, heart rate and calories burned. It also shows your mapped route, with pace data, and changes in elevation on Nikeplus.com. And it's heart-rate monitor compatible with the Polar Wearlink+ Transmitter."

PS - Congrats to the winner of the awesome Julep Giveaway!! Was it YOU??


Tara said...

um, ok, i am totally ordering that box-stat!

and the helicopter matt got last year for xmas and LOVES. good choice on that one, my friend!!

p.s. has tony made any progress on the footie pj's?? matt was incredibly stoked when i told him. hahaha! oh and i hope he realizes if he does in fact show up on them, he WILL be on the blog. hahaha ;)

grey rose (they/them) said...

hooray!!! thank you, heather!

and i love these picks for the mister.
patrick would love so much of this stuff!

Erin Burns said...

Great ideas! Matt has the Nike+ watch and loves it. And is it weird if I want the tweed driving cap for myself???


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