Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cranberry Margaritas on the Rocks!

This is a super duper simple recipe I made up for a Christmas party Tony and I threw. I like my drinks strong, and this was strong! If you like your drinks a little weaker, just add more juice.

You will need:

  • Cranberry juice 
  • Lime juice
  • One or two bags of fresh cranberries (I used two, but would probably use one next time I make it!)
  • Tequila! (1.75 Liter is what I used to make a big batch)
  • Sugar

First thing's first. The night before you plan on drinking these rinse your cranberries well. Pour them in a big bowl, and then pour all of your tequila on top.  Generously sprinkle sugar on top of the cranberries to break up some of their bitterness. Cover with foil or plastic wrap and leave it in your fridge overnight.

Day of the party: Get a pitcher and fill it halfway with your cranberry-infused tequila. Fill the rest of the pitcher with your cranberry juice, add a splash of lime juice and garnish with your tequila-infused cranberries!

If you want to get festive, line the rims of your drinking glasses with sprinkles. To do that, fill a shallow bowl with lime juice, dunk the rim of the glass in there, and immediately dunk the rim of the glass into your sprinkles.

I think it would be really cute if you made this drink for Valentine's Day but rimmed the glasses with pink sugar! {But be warned - the sprinkles might turn your lips different colors, so have cocktail straws on-hand just in case.}

And there you have it - a crazy easy, crazy good drink recipe. Enjoy!


Dear Boys Love Mom said...

you had me at tequila and those adorable glasses! My hubby is a bartender! I will totally have to test this drink out!

joen said...

Sounds great! Will have to give it a try!

Tara said...

these were SO good!!!


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