Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two products for date-night eyes

I apologize in advance for the pictures. I haven't taken any pictures besides iPhone ones in months. Whoops!

Lots of people have been asking for (makeup) product suggestions, since I haven't done any in a while so I thought I'd share two that will take your eye makeup to the next level. They take a little time to master, but once you do you'll be able to do it in just a minute or two and they will make your eyes pop and make your eyelashes look crazy thick. These fabulous products are:

First thing's first: Get your eyeliner brush wet (just a little more wet than damp) and rub it into your cake eyeliner. Make sure that the consistency isn't goopy.  When you're ready to line your lashes look up. Dab the brush onto your upper lash line. This fills in all the little spaces between your eyelashes and makes them look so thick.

Most of the time I stop there, but if you're going for a really dramatic look you can do the same to your bottom lash line. The best advice I have is to go to your local Laura Mercier makeup counter and ask them to show you how. They'll do this for completely free - don't feel obligated to buy the product if you don't want to (but you probably will.)

 edited to add: I found a great tutorial on YouTube for this exact technique. Enjoy!


Ashley Newell said...

Awesome tips Heather! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

My benefit eyeliner is just about to run out after having it forevvver! So bummed!

Jenni said...

i hear you on the iphone pics...i don't even want to pick up my camera these days!

going to try this one out!

Tara said...

you look so beautiful!! thanks for the tips!! im so bad when it comes to makeup. i know nothing.


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