Monday, March 12, 2012

Sponsor Welcome + Giveaway

Hey Everyone! Today I'd like to introduce you to the newest sponsor of Angel Face Designs, Courtney from Firefly Skys.

Hi, I'm Courtney! I've been married to my husband, Chris, for almost eight years.  We have one crazy, awesome, cute, spunky, energetic, tom-boy, princess of a daughter, Inara, who will be five at the end of July (still trying to come to terms with the fact that my baby will be in Kinder next year!), as well as three angel babies that I can't wait to meet in Heaven some day.  My life has been a bit crazy, has had really low points, and has been really really hard at times, but I love God and I know He's in control of it all, so I do my best to just let go and enjoy the ride.  Everyone has a story, and all our stories are different, love your story - it's what makes you you.

How you got started in the handmade business? 

I actually started a few years ago (when my almost five year old was just a baby) trying to sell baby blankets specifically.  As my daughter grew older, and I got out of baby hood with a bit more mom time I started exploring LOTS of different creative outlets especially crafting and sewing, but also cake decorating and others.  I've come to look at my time in my sewing room with my supplies like free (although my husband would disagree on that point lol) therapy.  Without this creative outlet I'd be a crazy woman for sure.  Etsy just seemed a logical expansion.  I don't do a lot of business (something I'm hoping to change little by little) but it allows me to have *something* to create for, and a way to get what I make out of my house as well lol..

Why you love it?
It's in my blood I guess.  On one side my Grandmother painted, on the other My Grandma sewed and my Grandpa was an illustrator.  Both my mom and dad went to design school (in different fields), in fact that's how they met, and my dad has a strong entrepreneurial spirit.  I have discovered that if I go too long without making something - anything - I get an itch for it that I just can't get rid off till I've let my creative juices flow.  I guess it's just who I am, and what I do and to deny that would be to deny part of myself, and I'd rather love all of me. :-)

Today, Courtney is generously offering TWO $25 gift certificates- enter below!

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Elisha said...

I love her headbands!!

Melissa M. said...

Love the primrose earrings!

Teri said...

I love your things !!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...I adore those little flower pearl earrings! Also the basic clippies in navy and white polkadot. Thanks!

Andi said...

I love the pearl bow earrings. So sweet! ~ Andi T.

Unknown said...

I adore the rose earrings My fave are the Blue Sky Rose Earrings
tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

Ashley Newell said...

I love the birds of a feather headband. I'm a headband kind of girl. :D

nightowl said...

I love the Blue Sky Rose Earrings. The color of this blue is stunning.


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