Friday, April 13, 2012

Life in Phone Pictures

Pick Your Plum goodness + Martha Stewrt (turquoise) chalkboard paint = good times

This is my Costco buddy. She likes to eat her way through the store. "Samples" was one of her first words. No joke.

This is how you'll find Leila at any given time. Drawing, coloring, painting. She's my little artist.

Coco also likes to eat and drink her way through the Farmers Market.

Baking Easter cookies!

 My brother and sister-in-law's dog is super short, but super long. He's almost as long as Leila is tall, and Leila is TALL!

We went to brunch on Easter and as I was sipping my mimosa I asked Tony if orange juice without champagne is nasty to only me. Thank you Glamour magazine for assuring me that it is not.

 Most of Wednesday was spent at the emergency vet with Ramon. Coco was a total trooper and made a lot of new animal friends.

 My FB status on Ramon. As of right now (Thursday night) he hasn't shown much improvement, but hasn't gotten sick again. Praying that it'll pass soon, and isn't anything life-threatening.

The last week has been FILLED with bad news, and as much as I love Ramon him being super sick is pretty much the least bad of all of it. If you could please do me a favor and keep my family (and pets!) in your prayers I'd appreciate it more than you could know.

Next week I'm headed to the Snap Conference. I am ecstatic, and very much in need of a break from real life right now. I'm currently on the hunt for heart shaped, rose-colored glasses. If you see any send them my way. xo!

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Jules said...

Praying friend. Soooooo sorry. SNAP will be rad. Wish I was going.

Jennifer S. said...

What gorgeous girls you have Miss Heather! Have fun at the Snap conference and I pray you pup gets better soon. :)
(I am popping over from Instafriday)
Have a great weekend!

Emily said...

Praying for you and your family...and your pets!

Thanks for putting me onto turquoise chalkboard paint...I must get some of that : )

joen said...

Prayers coming your way...I know the feeling 2011 was a rough one for me. But on a brighter note: TURQOISE CHALK BOARD PAINT!!! OMG my sewing room is pale green and aqua!! I'm thinking it would be awesome here!

Anna said...

Thoughts and prayers for your family! Hope all is ok!

Denissa said...

I'm so sad to hear about Ramon!! :( had no idea things are tough for you right now since I don't have fb..I will def be praying for you my friend! Hopefully your package comes today and makes it a little brighter!

W and J said...

I've been thinking about you and praying for you this week!!! <3 Hoping you find some of those glasses +1 more pair in time for June!!! I'm so ready for this year to be better!

Unknown said...

Your daughters are the cutest! I love seeing their faces pop up on IG : )

The Golden Girls said...

cute blog!!!!! xx,Golden White D├ęcor

Witha said...

Cute pictures. Your girls are soooo adorable! Sending prayer for Ramon

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Tara said...

im so sorry friend. ill be praying. please let me know if you need anything or just wanna vent or talk. im always here for you. love you.


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