Friday, May 11, 2012

Life in Phone Pictures

Coco loooooooves Mr. Pickle. Her legs and arm shake excitedly, and she yells "Hi, Mr. Pickle! Love you Mr. Pickle!!" as loud as she can whenever we're driving and we see him. Since she loves him so much we decided to take her to see him up close. This is as close as she'd get.

Leila really likes to put bows and necklaces on Sugar. She says it's because Sugar's a fancy dog (I beg to differ - the dog goes out of her way to get dirty.) The other day I found Sugar wearing one of my favorite necklaces as a crown. That pup is SO patient!

I've been taking Leila to various story times since she was an infant. Every time I've tried with Coco it's been a nightmare. I decided to try again and was shocked at how well Coco was sitting.....this picture was snapped about three seconds before she got up and started planking, then trying to run away, and then yelling "Goodbyyyyyyyyyyyye!"

Sometimes you just need In-N-Out.

We don't have a fancy pool. That doesn't stop my girls from having fun, though.

Passed out!

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Kristin @ Petal and Thorn said...

i have that same silly pool- it's a pain in the butt to fill, but so much fun!

your kiddos are so cute!

and yes, sometimes you do NEED in n out. thanks for reminding me! i'll have hubby bring some home for our "date night" tonight

Denissa said...

Coco is too funny! :) and I seriously spit coffee everywhere at Sugar's picture! HAHAHA! She looks like she's thinking "seriously?"
Love simple pools and couldn't agree more about In-n-out :)
Happy Friday friend!!

little said...

i love how unsure coco looks about mister pickle. haha

Tara said...

Lmao poor sugar omg

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

Oh my...Coco's face is priceless with Mr. Pickle! Love it. And your pup has great taste with that STP necklace. Your family is just too cute!


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