Friday, June 1, 2012

Life in Phone Pictures

Long week. Good week, but long. Here are some peeks into my life via Instagram pics.

From last week, but since I didn't do a LIPP I wanted to share now - I got a NEW car, a Honda Pilot and I'm in looooooooooooove!

If you follow me on Instagram (username glitterglossHG) you've already seen sneak previews of the new bracelets coming to my SHOP. The demand so far has been crazy (200+ emails about them in three days) and the fact that I've had NO free time to create lately has pushed their release date back. Please be patient with me. I'm trying to get them listed soon!

Best friend sisters at Costco. They make my heart melt.

New summer quote on the chalkboard + my adorable bow garland from the beautiful Nat of Take the Cannolli:

New bracelets + a cute new bag from one of my favorite jewelry designers, Spike the Punch:

Attempting to glitter some mason jars.  Didn't come out as cute as THESE ones, but kinda cute...

Oh, Ramon. You are the best dog ever. Thanks for letting the girls dress you up.

Is this not perfection?? My friend Lindsay and I were talking about nail polish prints......and voila, she made one, and voila, it's hanging on my wall. OBSESSED!! Don't worry - it'll be in her shop SOON....and who knows, you might even have the chance to win one during a Mani Monday ;)

....and lastly, a couple of things to note. The TomKat Studio is hosting an amazing giveaway for Glitter and Gloss readers. Click HERE to enter if you haven't already. And, I know I'm not The TomKat Studio, but I'm having a little Pin it to Win it giveaway. Click HERE to enter. Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend!

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joen said...

Love the bow garland! It looks so cute.

Denissa said...

Your new car is so pretty!! That's our next Honda :) I think we've had all of them except the civic..haha. love the bow garland! And can you come write on my chalkboard? Yours looks WAY cuter than mine. I'm dying over the necklaces!! I'm stalking the website because I have to have one!!
Hows your mama?? Saw the pic on your instagram..

Anonymous said...

I love those bracelets!!!

Unknown said...

glitter mason jars...yes! Love your photos. Happy Friday!

Unknown said...

that print is adorable, and I don't even wear nail polish that often! I would totally participate in mani-Monday if I didn't bite off nail polish in less than 24 hours every time I get them done..

Tara said...

SO excited for your new car!! take me for a drive ;)

amaya said...

Congrats on the car, Ive never had anything newer then 10 years.

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

CONGRATS on the new car! SO fun and exciting. I love seeing all of your pics in one place :) Still DYING over those bracelets, your girls are so sweet and you have some fun and fancy thing in your home. <3


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