Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Save Evy's Tree!

Hey friends! Today I wanted to ask you to help save Evy's Tree.....if you've been reading this blog for a while you've seen me post about Evy's Tree many times, as I just adore the Evy's Tree clothing, but even more than that I adore Amy, who runs Evy's Tree.  Well, you guys, Amy needs our help.

Directly from Amy:

"I am going to sell everything I have, and I have 30 days to do it. I figure, I need to sell 1500 pieces... If I cannot raise the money, I have decided that closing Evy’s Tree might be the only option left."
Amy wrote that a few weeks ago, and we are now down to the wire.  Can you help save one of my favorite shops? Treat yourself to an amazing hoodie or two (I practically *live* in mine!) and if you buy something now, you'll get a code 50% off code when the manufactured hoodies come in this Fall. (You're going to want that 50% off code - the new hoodies are to die for!)

Please help if you can, friends!!

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