Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012 gift guide: for little boys

This fabulous gift guide for little boys comes to us from CHelsea of Haute Child in the City!

"Hi there! I'm Chelsea from over at Haute Child in the City, a fashion and lifestyle blog where I talk about everything from trends to personal style and even the occasional celebrity scandal.  I was so stoked to be able to participate in Heather's gift guides this year, especially to provide one for boys since I happen to be the mother of a 10-month-old.  Having grown up with sisters and mostly female cousins, boy stuff isn't always in my wheel house, but I had a blast searching high and low for fun things to gift boys up through age 8.  And it also got me super excited for what's to come with our little peanut!  I hope you enjoy and if you get a second, please hop on over to my blog and check it out.  You can also follow me on Twitter and on Facebook."

  • 1.      Star Wars Lunchbox & Sandwich Cutter – Who doesn’t love a old classic reintroduced to another generation, plus you get fun shaped sandwiches.
  • 2.      Beats Headphones – For the kid who is into music and so they won’t drive you crazy on car trips listening to things like the FreshBeats Band.
  • 3.      Hold Me Tight Pillow – Blabla makes really unique and fantastic toys.  I love this cheeky pillow! Our little guy may be getting a Wink, the owl from this line.
  • 4.      Nintendo 3DS – It’s generation’s GameBoy,  (Yes, I went there) and I’m not huge intovideo games, but the 3DS does have a lot of educational options for your kids to enjoy and you to not feel as guilty about. 
  • 5.      Legos – Legos has options for every kid from age 2 to the adult-kids-at-heart from the basic to the advanced in a ton of different themes.   
  • 6.      Radio Flyer Wagon – Radio Flyer Wagons are another very classic item that’s both fun for kids and functional for parents. 
  • 7.      Sophie – I can’t explain it, but Sophie is the equivalent to baby crack.  Seriously, any child can be rendered completely calm and happy.
  • 8.      CrewCuts – Little boy clothing is no longer boring and your husband can have a little mini-me. 
  • 9.      Big Wheel Bike – Though it might remind you of Dennis the Menace, it’s never too early to start your little one on a bike.
  • 10  Fisher Price Little People Super Heros – Everyone needs super heros to look up to and Fisher Price’s Little People are perfect for little hands and big imaginations!
  • 11  Harry Potter Book Series – I was a big reader as a child and I look forward to reading many books with our son.  Harry Potter is a fantastic series with a great message to kids.


Unknown said...

Love it all! I just got the Little People Super Heroes for my guy's first birthday coming up in January, but I love that pillow. Going to go look for it! Thanks!

Teri said...

Love this boys guide ! I wish my son was a little boy again, my how times have changed and there are so many awesome things for boys now. I love Crew Cuts, amazing clothes for your little man. Legos, Little People Super Heros and Harry Potter are great ideas . Thank you for sharing !


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