Friday, December 14, 2012

gift guide 2012: for little girls

This gift guide, I find to be especially sweet since it was put together by my big girl. Leila is as sweet and kind as can be, and takes great pride in being such a great big sister to Coco and such a wonderful daughter to Tony and I.

Leila often helps me with little tasks for my business. When she's helping me she likes to call me "boss" (I swear, I've never asked her to!) and she's even asked for Glitter and Gloss business cards. (She is so my mini me!)

When I put the idea out there of having gift guide contributors this year it struck me that who better to do the gift guide for little girls, than my own little girl?

Take it away, Lulu! (All are direct quotes, unless otherwise noted.)
little girl gift guide

click below to shop any of Leila's picks!

"The thing I want the most this year is the McKenna American Girl doll. I don't have any American Girl dolls, and I've loved them since I was a little girl." (Because she's not little anymore?? Ha!) "My mommy and Bamma read me all of the girls stories, and McKenna is the one I think is the most like me. We both love pei-peis" (pandas) "and Charlotte's Web!"

"I love all of the sparkly things at Target right now. All of the clothes and the jewelry and the sparkly notebooks and purses. I really like this skirt and shirt!"

"I like anything with an 'L' on it, but your little girl would probably like her first initial better." (Direct quote, haha!) "I think this earrings are really pretty."

"My ears are always cold. I already have white earmuffs, but I'm asking for these pink ones, so they'll match all of my pink clothes."

"Coco and I have a little kitchen that we play with all the time. I like to pretend that I have a cooking show. I like these things because they make real cooking noises."

"Sometimes I wear my mom's jewelry to school and then she gets kind of mad at me. These bracelets are safe for little girls. Even to wear to school. If it's ok with your teacher."

"I don't wear real glasses, but sometimes I like to pretend that I do. THIS is what I would want my real glasses to look like!"

"I love to draw and color all the time. This book has fashion things to color in, and design. It's really cool!"

What do you think of Leila's choices?? I think she did pretty well!! 


Fash Boulevard said...

She did great! Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my new post and latest style column for xo

{cuppakim} said...

This is the most adorable post ever, if I had a Lelia I'd buy her every single thing on her list, just because she is so freaking cute explaining it all!!!

Teri said...

I love her gift guide ! How stinkin' cute is she ? I really do think she picked some fantastic ideas and really any little girl would love them all !! The glasses are to die for, I can see her in those now. Please tell my big girl that she did an amazing job at her first blog post. Love that girl !!!!

joen said...

Great gift guide Lelia! everything a girl could want.

Ashley Newell said...

Good job Leila!! She's adorable! I want those glasses for myself.

Alison said...

Too cute!!!


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