Thursday, December 20, 2012

Make Christmas count for Yana!

Friends - as this year comes to a close, I'm asking for your help....if you can, please help sweet, little Yana!

Yana is an orphan.  Somewhere in Eastern Europe.  In the kinds of orphanages that nightmares are made ofYana also has Down Syndrome, but receives no therapies.  No early intervention.  No medical treatment.

What can YOU do to help? Donate. $10, $5, $1 - ANYTHING is better than nothing, and every penny will help bring this precious baby girl home.

There is a PHENOMENAL giveaway going on to encourage you to share. Check it out HERE.
Let’s make Yana’s Christmas a sweet one this year.  She may not know it, but let’s rally for a little girl on the other side of the world.

Thank you so much to JEANETT who always brings these issues to light, and tells us how we can help. And thank YOU for taking the time to read this, and maybe even for donating!

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