Monday, February 18, 2013

Mani Monday

Happy, happy Mani Monday! This last week I had some fun, little Valentine's nails. The oxygen treatment by Julep was the base, and um - that stuff is amazing! I wore it for a couple of days alone, and it has a great sheer, pale pink color to it, but what's truly amazing is how good it is for your nails! I'm lucky to have really strong nails with good nail beds, but when I removed my last manicure I noticed that they didn't look as healthy as they normally do. After taking off the oxygen treatment my nails have a great, naturally pink color and are stronger than ever.

Ok, stepping off my soapbox....anyhoo, after a couple of days of just the oxygen treatment on my nails it was time to add some love day fun. Colors used are (all by Julep) DrewDelaunay and Bette and then Snow White by Zoya.

I loved all of last week's link-ups (so many, yay!!) and want to show off Mangling My Manicure's fun nails:

Now it's YOUR turn to link up with Heather and I! Did you take some time for yourself and your nails this week?? Let's see it!



Crystal said...

I haven't tried the Julep oxygen treatment yet, good to know you thought highly of it.

Jem said...

Adorable Valentines nail art! :)

Unknown said...

Great looks! I love the hearts


Alexis said...

I haven't tried the oxygen treatment yet. Now I am really excited about it. Your hugs and kisses are adorable too.


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