Wednesday, January 15, 2014

bits of glitter: life lately

Last Saturday Tony and I had a date night. Leila slept over at her best friend's house, and Coco slept at my parents. We saw "The Wolf of Wall Street" (really enjoyed it, but TONS of swearing and lady nudity. Wowza!) Also, Leonardo DiCaprio just keeps getting better looking, which I thought was impossible. (Side note, Rob Lowe keeps getting hotter and hotter too, but I digress....)  After the (very long) movie we had a super late dinner and cocktails at an awesome, local pizza joint.

Also on Saturday Leila had softball evaluations. Hard to believe that softball season is already coming up. Tony will coach her again, along with Leila's best friends' dad and my dad. I love that at this point in her "softball career" is which uniform color they'll get ;)

(last year's uniform)

Sunday we had a mini 49ers playoff game viewing party. They beat Carolina, and next week they HAVE to beat the Seahawks!! Go Niners! We had whiskey sours, and they were goooooooood! (I'm not usually a whiskey fan, but add enough sweet stuff and it's pretty delicious!)

Leila's birthday party (and actual birthday) are next weekend. I've usually got all the details worked out in my head well before the party, but am behind on this one. All I know is the girls will be painting a canvas to take home. Besides that, I don't know. I need to get my butt in gear!

The Golden Globes!! I love award show/red carpet season! My girls do too. Poor Tony is a good sport, and just rolls his eyes and reads a book or magazine while we're oohing and aahing over the amazing gowns!

Here are my picks for best dressed:

...and my picks for worst:

I'm sure there will be some disagreement (especially with J. Law) but I was just NOT a fan of any of these gowns. As far as Sandra Bullock goes, though I think her makeup and simple pony were absolute perfection.

I posted this on my Facebook page the other day, and have been going out of my way to act on it. I think it's such a simple thing to do, and an easy way to make people genuinely happy!

How has YOUR life been lately? Tell me some highlights! And I'd love to know your picks for best/worst dressed at the Golden Globes!

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