Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kate Spade-inspired DIY glitter watch

Friends, today I am sharing a long lost DIY. I originally did it back in December, because I was dying for THIS watch (which has since sold out) but I didn't have an extra $225 to spend on it. I decided it was probably simple enough to recreate and I was right.

You will need:
  • an inexpensive watch (I got this one at Kohl's for $11)
  • mod podge
  • chunky glitter
  • foam brush or something similar (not pictured)
  • toothpick
  • spray adhesive (not pictured)


1. Lay your watch out :)

2. With a small foam paintbrush coat your watch straps with mod podge. Using your toothpick poke through the holes, so that the mod podge won't stick.

(I didn't have a paint brush so I used a disposable lip gloss applicator)

3. Generously shake glitter all over the mod podge. Again, using your toothpick poke through the strap holes, so that no glitter will get stuck in there.

Wait about twenty minutes allowing the mod podge to completely dry. Shake vigorously so that you can see if any glitter falls off. If any does, repeat above steps. Once it's completely coated with glitter spray a generous amount of spray adhesive all over the straps. Wait fifteen or so minutes and do it again.


....this picture was taken three months after I originally did it. I've worn the watch quite a few times since, and there's been minimal glitter fall-off. The bits that have fallen off I just repeat the above steps and get it looking as good as new!

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