Wednesday, May 21, 2014


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Who else cannot believe that it's practically summer?? (Raises hand.) I've been doing well with my overall health, but after realizing that summer is just about here, and that I can't go to the pool club in jeans I decided to take Slimfast's 14 Days to Slim Program.

What is the 14 Day Slim program, you ask? It's a delicious way to lose up to six pounds in two weeks. Just swap two meals a day with a Slimfast protein shake or meal bar, have a third meal around 500 calories - HERE are some great recipe suggestions, enjoy three snacks around 100-calories, do 30 minutes of light exercise a day and drink tons of water!

One thing that I love about Slimfast is that it's super portable (who hasn't seen a Slimfast bottle at the grocery store? It's literally the perfect size to take with you on the go!) That way I can just grab one out of the fridge, shake it up, and be on my way! They are also delicious, which totally helps! This new piña colada flavor is my absolute favorite!!

The other morning I had scheduled some gym time while both girls were at school. The morning was really crazy (when aren't they?) and all I'd had a chance to munch on was a handful of strawberries. I knew that if those were the only things I'd had that morning my workout would be short. I started thinking "Well, I'll just go home and make myself a quick breakfast after I drop off Coco, and before I head to the gym...." but I know myself too well, and knew that if I went back home there was a GOOD chance that I'd never make it to the gym. I just grabbed a Slimfast, and drank it on the way. It filled me up, and gave me the energy to have a great workout!

Having a second one for lunch, along with a bunch of water also fills me up, and also helps me avoid the midday lull that's usually filled with snack cravings!

My dogs are loving that I'm doing this 14 day slimdown too, because it means lots more walks! I'm only a few days into this challenge, but I'm feeling great! Summer will be here soon, and I know I'll be looking at least a little better when it gets here!

Want to hear something else exciting? Two winners will win a $5,000 shopping spree (enter HERE!) I've already entered, and have my fingers and toes crossed!

Some other places you can find Slimfast on the web: Website  * Facebook  *  Pinterest

Are you ready for swimsuit season?? What are some ways you're getting fit? I'd love to know!

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