Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dance Recital(s) 2014

One of our busiest times of year -- dance recital time -- has come and gone. This was Coco's first year of dance, and Leila's first year at a new studio. They both had an amazing year, with amazing teachers!

Their recitals were on Saturday (Leila did two ballet dances, both from "Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang" and Coco did a tap dance to the song "Party At Mickey's House.") We were a bit bummed because Tony got held over an extra 24 hours at work, and had to miss them (Boo fire season!), but we of course made the best of it.

My big girl is a total ballerina. She loves the technique, and the thought that goes into ballet, and she absolutely excels at it. She got a recommendation from her teacher to go from beginning ballet (what she was in this year) and go straight to advanced, completely skipping the intermediate classes.

I am so proud of her!

This little monkey is my tapper. She love, love, loves tap dancing and is great at it! She took a creative combination class (tap and jazz) and while she loved both parts of it, she definitely enjoyed the tap more.

She was amazing during her first recital - smiling the entire time, up on that big stage, and doing an excellent job on her dance.

I am so lucky to be their mama!

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