Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

1. Bender's Rye whiskey. According to my husband, whiskey is a man's man's drink. Not sure exactly what that means, but for this gift guide I'm suggesting Bender's Rye. Something really cool about this whiskey is aged for seven years in small batches, and in American White Oak Barrels and produced at The Treasure Island Distillery in San Francisco and only 3,348 bottles made. The Treasure Island Distillery infuses its own element of character, having once been a Navy brig (a.k.a. Prison) - the lab is housed in the old guard room and bottling takes place in former maximum security cells.  That is certainly a story my husband would like to tell his friends, while sipping whiskey on the patio. They're also having a Father's Day special - free shipping, and 10% off three or more bottles. You can buy it HERE

2. Since dad now has some cool whiskey, how's about some great whiskey rocks? He's not going to want to water his favorite libation down, so make sure to grab him a set!

3. THIS crazy cool set by Proof. Super cool box, wood sunglasses, wood wallet and a wood pocket knife. FUN!

4. A bocce ball set. Ok, I don't know if all dads would like this, but my husband can't stop yammering about having a bocce ball court in the backyard. This could be a fun first step.

5. Cordless reciprocating saw. Real talk - I can't tell you much about this. It's just something Tony told me he neeeeeeeded, so I thought I'd let you all know that apparently this is a good thing for guys.

6. This awesome money clip. No, he may not want to wear a "Best dad ever" shirt around town, but I bet he'd be pretty stoked to carry a money clip with the same sentiment. All made by hand too!

And I have to throw in this fun bag I found at Target:

What are YOU getting for the dads in your life, this Father's Day?

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