Thursday, August 7, 2014

A day at the bay....

...Half Moon Bay, that is.

On Saturday it was supposed to be almost 100 degrees, so we decided to drive across the bay to escape the heat. We were going to go to our usual nearby escape, San Francisco, but on the drive decided to head to Half Moon Bay instead. It was a beautiful, slightly chilly 65 degrees and the perfect afternoon for a beach picnic!

We stopped at a little deli downtown, grabbed some fruit and a couple pre-made pasta salads and headed to the beach.

Coco loved digging in the sand:

...and finding seashells:

And Leila had fun grabbing seaweed, and chucking it into the bay:

My honey and I snuck a selfie while watching the girls:

Coco had fun splashing around, playing with seaweed and eventually was just down to her undies - here she is before she ditched the shirt and headband:

It was the perfect day with my sweet, little family!

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