Tuesday, August 12, 2014

On being the icky salesgirl // a very personal note on why I am in direct sales

So I got a bit of a bummer email a few days ago, and it really, really bothered me. I sat there, extremely upset after reading, and re-reading it over and over again. I've gotten a couple of less-than-friendly emails in the years I've been blogging and have for the most part, ignored, or emailed them back, and then deleted the original email forever so I couldn't go back and read/dwell on it anymore. I will do the same with this email, but wanted to clarify a few things, in case anyone else is thinking anything along the same lines.

From the email I received:

"So, I USED to read your blog all the time, and loved it but I just can't anymore. I'm done. Your family is beautiful, and I do enjoy reading about your girls and your parties, but after the last time you mentioned your Stella & Dot business I am completely checking out, and I wanted to give you the courtesy of letting you know why. I don't like being sold something all the time. If I want to buy something from you, I will. Direct selling is a pyramid scheme that I have zero interest in. Stop shoving it down my neck."

Ouch. That stung. THIS is the last time I mentioned Stella & Dot, in one of my "three things" posts. I truly only mention things I love for those posts, and I absolutely adore the Enlighten bracelet, and all the good it does. We make a reduced commission on those bracelets, and the commission I do make I donate back to the charity that bracelet supports, Every Mother Counts. I don't really think I need to explain that, but there ya go.

A note on direct selling: It is fact entrepreneurship. Individuals take a small part of a big business and make it their own. It is the path less taken, because frankly I think it scares some people. I think so many people have a bad taste in their mouth about it because they think you keep putting money in, in, in and never gain anything for yourself. My husband thought that and was not on board with me joining Stella & Dot. I took a leap of faith, and did it anyway. I knew I could be great at it. Even though Tony wasn't thrilled he wanted me to be happy, so I signed up. Then the paychecks started rolling in, and he was sold ;) Multilevel marketing does change lives in a positive way for many people, including myself, which is why I'm so passionate about it! I am always happy to support others who have chosen this path - we are in some small way a tribe. There are so many wonderful direct selling companies, and I'm not sure why so many people feel the need to knock them. The total dollar amount I've put into my business is $199 (the startup fee) but out of that I got $350 worth of jewelry and accessories that I picked out myself, so if I never did a darn thing with the business at least I'd have a bunch of jewelry that I wanted anyway. The $199 I put into was well worth it (I would have paid ten times more!) because the money I make with Stella & Dot has allowed me to continue to stay at home with my girls, my number one priority.

Stella & Dot is my personal main source of income. When you support my business, you're helping me pay for private preschool for Coco. You're helping me pay for Leila's golf lessons. You're helping me pay for dance for both girls. You're helping me pay for my gym membership, and so much more.

This "job" is so much more than a job. It's a passion, and it is something I truly love. It's helped me make some absolutely amazing friends, go on amazing trips, and given me some incredibly fun perks and incentives like gorgeous shoes, lots of extra spending money, exclusive bags and jewelry and more. It gives me the flexibility to make my own schedule, be my own boss, and put as much (or as little) into as I want. I work hard, and I have fun with it! My job is to hang out with awesome women, drink wine with them, make new friends, show off a product I love, and give tons of it away for free.

I don't ever want my readers to feel like I'm being an icky salesgirl, or trying to shove anything down your throat. My apologies if any part of this blog has ever come off like that. Please know that I am incredibly passionate about the company I work for. On my own blog I feel that it is a safe place to talk about it on occasion. Let me know if you have any questions at all, and I appreciate you taking the time to read this.


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