Monday, September 8, 2014

Fall 2014 Beauty Tips & Makeup Tutorial

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The other day I was at Target (when am I not at Target, right?) and was super excited to see that the Fall fashion magazines are out!! Not only that but when you buy any two at Target (Elle, InStyle or Vogue) you get a $5 Target gift card through September 13. Anyways, I picked up my two favorites - Elle and InStyle and got busy reading! The September issues are *always* my favorites!! While I wouldn't consider myself a big time fashionista, I still love reading up on what the upcoming trends are in fashion, but especially in beauty. While I'm going to wear what I want to wear, regardless of the season, I still like to incorporate some of the big trends.

My husband snapped a pic of me (and Ramon) reading and taking notes. He makes fun of me for taking notes, but I always have!

 Dirty hair, no makeup, jammies and a dog on my lap. Weekend mornings are my favorites!

After going through both magazines, here's what I determined to be the biggest beauty trends:

I decided to do a makeup look using two of Fall's big beauty trends - a sheer wash of color on the lids, with big lashes! A lot of the washes of colors on the lids were pastels. I don't typically love a pastel eyeshadow, so I decided to make it a bit more wearable by taking a bright purple color and using a big, fluffy brush to sheer it out. I used "The Dream Sequence" quad from Bare Minerals, and went straight to the brightest color - Boudoir. I then grabbed my #9 brush by Stila (my favorite brush ever!! I've had it since I worked for Stila, ten years ago, and it's as fabulous and perfect now as it was then.) Anyways, grab a fluffy, tapered blush, instead of a flat, stiff brush that you'd typically grab for an all over eyeshadow application. This will sheer out the color, and make it much more wearable. (#1) Load your brush up with the color, and either tap it off, or gently blow on it to get rid of any excess color (#2) Using a windshield-wiper motion, sweep the color back and forth onto your lids (#3) Voila! (#4) 

With a bold color like this, even though you've sheered it out a bit, don't add any other shadow colors or eyeliners. Just a bunch of mascara, which brings us to another HUGE fall trend - HUGE eyelashes ;) I used the Younique 3-D Fiber lashes for mega lashes! Tip: when you're applying mascara, have a little piece of tissue nearby. Dab the excess mascara (that's on the end of the mascara wand) on the tissue. This will avoid clumpy mascara!

Apply the rest of your face (foundation, blush, lippie, etc.) after you've done your eyes. That way if any eye shadow falls onto your face you can easily clean it up without disturbing any other makeup. I used a super sheer, moisturizing lip gloss (Rain Maker by Emani), and minimal blush (Charisma by Tarte) and that's it! Thanks to my hooded eyes (womp womp) you can't really see that pretty color on my lids, but I got quite a few compliments on my makeup that day.

What are some Fall Beauty trends you're going to try out??! I also want to try the negative space mani. Let me know what you want to try in the comments section! And don't forget to head to Target before 9/13 to grab two of your favorite fashion mags (Elle, InStyle or Vogue) to snag that $5 Target gift card!

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