Monday, September 1, 2014

Mani Monday // Sally Hansen nail wraps

 Happy Mani Monday, beauties!

Last week (and currently) I'm rocking some Sally Hansen nail wraps I found on clearance at Target. I love them - they are SO super sprakly, and I love the burgundy, sparkly half moon! They're called "Disk-O Queen" and I think I paid $2.54 for them.

Of all the wraps I've tried, I still have to say that the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish strips the best. They are so easy to put on, and don't require any heat, and they form really well to my nails. I can do all ten nails easily in less than ten minutes! I do use a base coat with them, even though the instructions say not to. I do the base coat, and wait about a half hour so that it's fully dry, and then do the strips. (About two years ago I did some Halloween SH nail strips that were a creepy green, with webbing. SUPER cute, but they completely turned my nails green and they stayed that way until they grew out. Ever since then I've used base coat, and have had no problems at all!)

SO, what were YOU rocking??! Link up below, and I'll pin some favorites! And FYI - Mani Monday next week will be on Tuesday. I have a sponsored post due Monday. (Sorry, but mama's gotta pay some bills.....)

Have a great week, everyone!

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