Monday, September 29, 2014

Mani Monday with Tiffany

Happy Mani Monday Glitter and Gloss lovers!  Heather is out of town, so here I am with a splatter mani for ya'll!  It's one of my favorite kinds to do but for whatever reason, I don't get around to them that much.  The final result is always cool and edgy.  I did these nails in a quick hurry so I didn't have time to take pictures of each step.  Sorry! 

I made a complete mess with these nails as you can see in the picture below.  Of course taping would cut down on a lot of this mess and cleanup.  Here's what I did:

1. I painted my nails, one coat, with China Glaze Purple Panic.  It's a neon formula and dries pretty quickly.

2. I used Purple Panic and Milani White on the Spot to do a gradient on my middle and ring fingers.  On my pinky and index fingers I used Purple Panic and Milani Black Swift to do a gradient.  We've talked about gradients before RIGHT HERE. I did about 2 layers of gradient.  Key tip here is make sure the layers dry somewhat before you do another pass or layer.  If you don't, it will just pull polish off instead of adding it.

3. This is the fun part!  You'll need a regular drinking straw for this.  I normally cut mine to about 4 inches in length.  It's easier to control and get forceful air through for me.  The short directions are: Put a few drops of polish on paper plate (or piece of paper or glass dish, etc), dip the end of the straw into the polish, aim it at your nail and blow through the other end.  
BUT some other tips: 
-You need this puddle of polish to enough that it can get a good amount of polish on the straw when you dip the end in it.
- You need to work pretty quickly because if the polish dries on the straw at all it won't be easy to blow off and splatter.  
- I've found a short, forceful puff of air through the straw works the best.  I typically do one or two "splats" per nail.  

4. You see the mess I created below... I used my typical brush and acetone to clean it up and applied 1 coat of Seche Vite on the top.  

Here's an example of another splatter mani I did - as you can tell I like to work with one color and black and white!  

You're next, link up below!

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