Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Last Summer we went to Seattle for a week-long family vacation, and while it was great, Tony and I have been itching to go back without the girls ;) When Tony saw that the Tough Mudder was going to be in the Seattle-area, he decided we needed to make it happen! So we took a short, little flight from Nor Cal to Seattle for him and his brothers to do the Tough Mudder, and for us to celebrate our anniversary a bit early/

We got to Seattle on Thursday night, and were so excited that we had to document it by taking a fresh off the plane, hotel selfie before we even got to our room:

Speaking of our amazing hotel, we stayed at Motif, which was right downtown, in the heart of everything. I can't recommend it enough. Amazing staff, beautiful hotel, great view, and they sent us this on our first night too:

The next day we were up and ready by 8am, despite trying to sleep in. No worries, though. The weather was chilly and a bit drizzly and I was THRILLED to be able to wear a sweater and scarf!

After grabbing some coffee we headed a few blocks down to Pike's Place.

 Pike's Place is such a cool spot. Unlike any other farmer's market I've been to, they have everything from fresh-caught fish, amazing produce, handmade goods, and the most amazing flower bouquets for only $5!!!

 Tony was dying to do the Underground Tour, so we did. It was kinda cheesy, but very interesting learning about Seattle's history. Tony had a Seinfeld moment and pretended to do a bit up on stage.
 An old admission sign from a "gentleman's club"

Later we walked down to the waterfront for an amazing seafood meal.

The next day the rest of our group met us. We hit up the Space Needle:

 And that night went to a Mariner's game. Though I'm an A's fan, I was a Mariners fan long, long before the A's were even on my radar, and I still love them. My hubby and brother-in-laws made fun of me for that, but the Mariners are still close to my heart, and that night they won in an 11-inning game!

The next day was awesome - everyone else did the Tough Mudder, and I had the day to myself. (And what a glorious day it was...) Pampering at Julep, people watching at Pike's Place and lots of shopping!

....oh yeah, at the Tough Mudder the boys got mohawks. Ugh. Not a fan, but by now it's all shaved off and growing back.

On our last morning we went to one of our favorite spots - Biscuit Bitch, and then headed to Pike's Place one last time.

We all had a late afternoon flight, and were back home in time to see the girls before bed.

It was a GREAT trip!

So tell me - where is your favorite spot to get away for a few days?

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