Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Top Ten Excuses I've Made for Myself

I am the queen of excuses, especially when I'm making them for myself. Here are just a few of the excuses that have floated around my head far too often, when I try to get myself motivated to get healthy.

1. They make cute plus sized clothes! (They do, but the options are pretty limited, and the prices are high.
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2. Tony loves me no matter what. (True.)
3. I have good hair, so hopefully that will make up for the fact that I'm big. (Super stupid excuse, but it's honestly one I've thought in my head many times.)
4. My girls love me no matter what. (Also true, but I would love to be a healthy example for them.)
5. I hate socks, and if I'm wearing tennis shoes I'll have to wear socks, so nope. (Another ridiculous excuse. But seriously, I **HATE** socks. Feels like my toes are suffocating. If I'm not in flip flops I'm in flats - preferably Tieks - with no socks.)
6. It costs too much to eat healthy. (It does cost a lot, but I'm sure medical bills down the road due to my unhealthy lifestyle will cost more.)
7. It's not convenient to eat healthy. (No, it isn't as convenient as just driving through Taco Bell, but I need to get better at planning ahead.)
8. I don't like vegetables. (Yuck - hate them, but I need to retrain my taste buds, and again set a good example for my girls.)
9. I love processed food. (One word: queso. Yum! Again, though - I need to set a healthy example for my girls.)
10. I'm happy the way I am. (No. No, I'm not.)

I truly could go on, and on, but these are the ones that pop into my head the most. Do you make excuses for yourself? What do you do to kick those excuses to the curb?

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