Monday, May 4, 2015

Mani Monday

 Last week I sat down to do my nails. But Leila swooped in with a couple polishes, and somehow ended up getting her nails done (by me) instead. Here they are after a few days:

....and then as soon as I was done with Leila's, Coco wanted hers done. She was super specific. Tiger print, and also flowers, but the flowers had to be on black, with white petals and a lavender inside:

Finally after both girls went to bed that night I had a chance to do my own nails!I used OPI's Infinite Shine "To Infinity and Blue-Yond"  and also did a couple of watercolor-esque flowers. I love the Infinite Shine line, because it lasts forever and stays incredibly shiny!

What are YOU rocking this week??

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