Monday, July 27, 2015

Life Lately - Summer 2015

Hey guys! Long time no blog ;) I feel like the summertime is such a mix of busyness, and slowness. Full days with my girls means that blogging takes a bit of a back seat, and that's ok. I've had a few emails asking where I've been though, so I thought I'd let you know what we've been up to.

This Fourth of July was the first in (I think?) five years that we haven't hosted a big party. It was very bittersweet. We didn't host for a few reasons, and at the end of the day it was kind of nice not to deal with the stress of hosting a big party, but I did miss it. We spent the morning at Tony's firehouse. They have a big pancake breakfast every year, and we all had tons of fun.

That afternoon and into the night we were at an awesome block party. Three sets of friends live in a neighborhood a few minutes away, and we spent it with them and had a blast. Someone was doing face painting. Leila went with a flag:

And Coco was one of the few who decided not to go the patriotic route, and asked to be a witch instead.

 There was a kid's game where they had a plate filled with whipped cream, and one gummy worm was buried in it. First one to find the gummy worm (without using hands!) won. It was so fun to watch!

We've been to a bunch of concerts in the park this summer:

And lunch dates at our favorite spot (Chipotle!)

I've been logging lots of gym time! (Shirt from HERE)

Countless hours have been spent in the backyard, eating nectarines off the trees:

...and playing on their play structure:

 Tony and I went to Wente Vineyard to see one of our favorite bands, Dashboard Confessional (and Third Eye Blind too.) Jacket * Jeans * Shoes

I was in Las Vegas for three days for Stella & Dot's annual conference. I LOVE this conference! It's three days of learning, inspiration and tons of fun! I feel very grateful for this little side gig of mine - it helps pay the bills, I get tons of free jewels, and I get to schedule everything. It's awesome. Our fall line is pretty incredible too - let me know if you'd like a lookbook!

Tony then flew to Las Vegas for another two days. We had a friend getting married there.

We've done a handful of fun, family day trips. Last week we went to Stinson Beach and Mill Valley. Coco fell asleep on me, which never happens anymore so we had to document it!

...and more concerts in the park! It's such a fun, low-key thing to do. We get to see our friends, our kids get to see their friends, it's a win-win. I have fond memories of concerts in the park when I was little, and I hope my girls will too.

My girls have had one week of dance camp, and will have one week of VBS too. Lots of their friends have camps and activities just about everyday, and I'm sure my girls would have it that way too if I let them, but in the summer I think it's important to hang loose, not be so structured and just have fun! What have YOU guys been up to??

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