Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Life Lately // end of summer madness

Hey guys! Long time no blog ;) Like I mentioned before, blogging just takes a back seat in the summer. School started yesterday, and although the first day of Fall isn't until September 23 summer is officially over for us.

This summer was a strange mix of crazy fast, and incredibly slow. We did everything and nothing, and it was great. Yesterday, two separate friends of Leila's were telling her all about their big vacations over the summer, to beautiful places like Florida and Europe. We didn't do anything like that. We stayed local, and did a lot of little day trips. We did tons of concerts in the park, farmer's market nights, movies under the stars at a local vineyard and made tons of new memories as a family. Leila made a little summer bucket list, and we checked off as many things as we could. One of the last things we squeezed in was a day trip to Santa Cruz, and it seemed like the perfect way to send off our summer.

My brave girl (and Tony) loved the big ferris wheel:

...while Coco and I preferred the carousel!

One of our chickens (Pepper) started laying eggs during the last week of summer, and we've been enjoying farm backyard fresh eggs ever since. Meep hasn't started laying yet, but hopefully will soon!)

On Sunday night we had our annual Back to School Eve dinner. I always let the girls pick whatever dinner they want for that special night, and since this was the first (of many) years that the girls will be starting on the same day we had two dinners. Leila chose "mama's all day spaghetti" and Coco chose Minion mac 'n cheese. Yep, the kind in the blue box. (Not gonna lie - I stole a bite and it was delicious!) We rounded out the meal with salad and garlic bread, and they had mini cupcakes for dessert.

Their first day of school was awesome! They both have incredible teachers!

This girl is such a pro at the whole back to school thing ;)

And you could practically feel the excitement radiating off of Coco!

Summer 2015 has come and gone, and we are all looking forward to the upcoming season change. Fall is my favorite - what's not to love about cozy sweaters, boots, football and chili?!

I hope you all had an incredible summer as well!

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