Tuesday, September 8, 2015

HydraFacial - Treat Yo'self!

So, I am 32 years old, and just had my first facial ever last week. I've always been a bit afraid of facials - I've never had great skin, and I've heard about extractions (where they squeeze your pimples out - eww!) and was just like - NOPE. I think I'm good. But then I was lucky enough to receive a HydraFacial at Blackhawk Plastic Surgery, and would now like to be a professional facial-getter. Is that a thing? How do I become one?

First I walked into the office, and it was beautiful and had the faintest, yummiest smell. I couldn't
quite put my finger on what I was smelling, but I want to figure out a way to get my house to smell just like it. So light and pretty. The aesthetician, Marlo (who had the most flawless, incredible skin I'd ever seen! If that's a result of those facials, sign me up!!) took me into the facial room and started explaining what the HydraFacial was, and how that cool machine was going to be doing a lot of it. She explained the steps (1. Cleansing and exfoliation, 2. Acid Peel, 3. Extractions - this part I was nervous about! 4. Hydration and then 5. Protection) She got started with cleansing my skin, and then turned the machine on and got to work.

Each step had a separate little head that went over my skin, and kind of felt like a small, massaging vacuum. It was really cool! Marlo explained every step along the way. The extractions I was really nervous for, but they were truly painless. The whole procedure took only about 40 minutes, and when I was done my skin was a bit red, but not crazy red like I was expecting. When I got home, Tony asked if I was going to have crazy, peely skin for the next couple days, and I was happy to say that though the procedure was intense, and included an acid peel it was still gently, while being super effective. It's now three days later and my skin looks SO freaking smooth. No breakouts, just nice skin. I've only been using a light coverage tinted moisturizer as my daily makeup, and I haven't felt self conscious at all about going to the gym without a stitch of makeup. I am so pleased!

If you are local, I highly suggest you giving Blackhawk Plastic Surgery a call at 925.272.429 and asking about the HydrFacial! You can find them on Facebook HERE.

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