Thursday, December 3, 2015

You get a bottle of wine, and you get a bottle of wine!

The following is a collaboration on behalf of Club W and myself. Glitter and Gloss received compensation and/or product in return for an honest, unbiased opinion. But come on, you guys know I would never steer you wrong. Club W + Glitter and Gloss = match made in heaven. Enjoy!

"You get a bottle of wine, you get a bottle of wine, and you get a bottle of wine!" - me, in my Oprah voice.

Do you guys know about Club W (or Club Dub as I like to refer to it?) It is a monthly wine club, curated to your specific tastes. You take a quiz that asks a bunch of taste-related questions, and based on your answers they recommend the wines they think that you would like best.

I took the quiz and ordered three recommended to me. They came really fast, packaged carefully, and with recipe cards for things that would go with each specific wine.

I'm not going to lie. The label on this Tempranillo alone is what made me get it. It could have been advertised as mud water, but when you put a kitty in a lion's mane I want. Ramon wants to know when he's going to be featured on a label.

I busted out, and drank the "Everything Nice" white blend pretty much the second it was fully chilled, and it was amazing. It's a sweet, white blend that is absolutely perfect for drinking on the porch with your girlfriends on a hot, summer night. Or inside, on a chilly November night, with the heater blasting. Either way it's easy to drink, and I highly recommend it.

I decided to bring the Tempranillo to share at Thanksgiving dinner. I feel like Thanksgiving is typically a chardonnay holiday, but what can I say? I'm a rebel.

I went to open the bottle and give it a chance to breathe before the big meal. But I also wanted to make sure that I was serving everyone a decent bottle, so I may have snuck a sip or two early...
 ....a sip or two or three or four...

When dinner rolled around the wine was a hit. Tony snuck a few early sips too. My only regret is that I only had one bottle of this lovely Tempranillo to share, because it ran out quickly.

I have the cute Cocomero bottle waiting for me still, and I'm planning on bringing it to my book club to share with the girls. The label is adorable, and I know it will go over well. Each label is it's own work of art, and the wine inside is just as amazing. I am already excited to see what I'll receive next month!

I think you should give Club W a shot too, and am offering your first bottle on me! Just sign up HERE, take the 30 second taste personality quiz and make sure to enter the promo code GLITTER when you check out. Be sure to come back here, and let me know what you think of your wine, and which you choose. There are so many that sound amazing, and I can't wait to hear your thoughts.


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