Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Thoughts while getting a massage...

Tony and I recently got massages at this awesome new place in town. One hour of foot reflexology, and a half hour full body massage. It was blissful. But I find whenever I get a massage I can't shut my brain off, no matter how hard I try. Some random thoughts that went through my head:

I hope my masseuse likes me.What if they don't like meThey have no reason not to like me......Random song stuck in my head all of a sudden: Ghost by Ella HendersonAhhhhh........
Oh my goodness that feels so good!
Don't stop!!!!
I wonder how much time I have left...?
I hope I'm not drooling.

"Give up thew ghost, give up the ghost...."
I want if their hands ever get tired.
What if they have someone with bad b.o. Like really bad? I don't think I could power through that.
Random song stuck in my head all of a sudden: Spring, Spring, Spring - from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Don't ever stop!

Oh my gosh, stop thinking and relax!
"April showers will come, so they say. But they don't - and it's May!"
Time's up?! When can I come back again?

Are you able to shut off your mind and relax when you get a massage?

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