Friday, March 11, 2016

Three Things

1. The new perfume, Mediterranean Honeysuckle by Aerin. YOU GUYS!!! Run, don't walk to Nordstrom to give this bad boy a smell. It is the most gorgeous scent I've ever experienced. I smelled it, and asked for a sample at Nordstrom last week and I truly can't stop thinking about it. I can't remember ever falling in love with a scent like this before!

2. This adorable "Sweet and Sour Southern Brunch" put together by my Courtney of Pizzazzerie for the Draper James blog. My goodness, it's too cute!

3. My new booties. They are so darn cute, but they hurt a bit. Worth taking in to get professionally stretched, or do you have a tried and true way to stretch and break in boots??

What are YOUR three things this week??

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