Friday, April 15, 2016

Three Things

1. THESE Southwest-inspired bags. The price is right, and each one is gorgeous. I don't own one (yet) so I can't speak to the quality, but they are calling my name!

2. Another Amazon find; these could-shoulder tops. I now own five(!) and am obsessed. I won't stop until I own every color, lol (that's only a slight exaggeration!) The quality is awesome, as is the price. I find that they are very true to size. I own thistle, burgundy, teal, nude pink and yellow (which is by a different brand, but almost the exact same. I can't find any difference but the label!) They are super comfy, but more stylish than just a basic tee. I highly recommend these cuties!
3. The Snap Conference!! That's where I am right now (follow me on Instagram for pics!) I missed it last year, and am SO happy to be back! I am loving the time with friends, and all of the inspiring classes. I'll share more soon :)

What are YOUR three things this week?

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