Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cocktail Club: The Cadillac Margarita Spritzer

Friends - I am so excited to be sharing a new blog series, "Cocktail Club" for the first time today. It's something I've been brainstorming and working on over the last several months, and I'm thrilled to be debuting the first installment.

With Cocktail Club I will be sharing several tried and true favorite cocktail recipes dreamed up by myself, or my friends, and some classics as well. I truly hope you enjoy it, and please let me know if you have any favorite cocktail recipes that I should try! Also, I want to give a shout-out to Maryam of Hi + Hello Photography for the amazing pictures! She is so incredibly talented, and if you're in the Bay Area, make sure to keep her in mind for your photo needs!

First up, one of my personal favorites - The Cadillac Margarita Spritzer. It's a classic Cadillac Margarita, with a nice little fizz. Light and refreshing, this drink is awesome on a hot day, and equally perfect for Cinco de Mayo!

This recipe is super simple, thanks to pre-made limeade (the Simply Limeade is one of my favorites!) 

For starters, cut your lime in half.

I got a fun, little juicer/measuring cup at Homegoods (cutting board is also from there) but found a similar one online here - it's not completely necessary, but definitely does come in handy! Juice half of your lime, and pour the juice into your margarita glass.

Pour one shot of tequila into your glass, over the lime juice. (I don't use a fancy tequila normally - the Trader Joe's brand works just fine for me, though if I want a little something special I'm a big fan of Herradura!) Pour two shots of limeade on top as well, and then one shot of your fizzy lime water as well. (If you don't love carbonated drinks, just leave it out.)

Give everything a little stir (just use a spoon, I don't like using a cocktail mixer with fizzy drinks) and then plop in some ice. I used an oversized ice cube that I froze a lime slice in. I found the ice cube tray at Homegoods, but they also have them online here.

Next up is what makes this a Cadillac Margarita - pour a generous amount of Grand Marnier over everything. (I don't measure, but if I had to guess how much I normally use I would guess about an ounce - about 2/3 of a typical shot glass.)

That's it! Pop a slice of lime on the rim of your glass for a pretty, little touch and enjoy. This drink is incredibly simple, and incredibly delicious!

The recipe as-is serves one. If you want to make a pitcher of these, multiply everything by five. And if you like your glass salt-rimmed, just rub your lime along the rim and then dip in coarse salt. I'm always the lone person in the group who doesn't want salt. Weirdo? Maybe.

Photography - Maryam of Hi + Hello Photography
Citrus juicer, cutting board, knife and margarita glass - Homegoods
Tacos & Tequila Shirt: Amazon (ps - it fits true to size!)

Here are some images you can PIN so you can save this recipe for later!

I hope you enjoyed the first installation of Cocktail Club! Give this recipe a try, and be sure to let me know what you think!

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