Friday, May 13, 2016

Three Things

First up - sorry for the radio silence over here, and on social media. It's been a packed week, and I apologize for not keeping in touch more. Now, onto this week's three things:

1. "Fool for You" by Zayn. I'm obsessed with the whole album, but this is the song that's on repeat, repeat, repeat when I'm in my car by myself. So freaking good.

2. Harry Styles gets his hair cut, and a teen uses the "face swap" app on Snapchat to fool the world. This is hilarious. I was fooled (but damn, does he look good in the fake picture!) Read the whole story HERE. (Also, yes I am obsessed with boy bands. BOY BANDS FOREVER!!! ....I need a shirt that says that!)

3. This. This is my life right now. Some days I wake up and think I can and will conquer the world. Other days I'm like nah....

What are YOUR three things this weel??

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