Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cocktail Club: Spiked Iced Coffee

Cold brew iced coffee. Quite possibly on my list of top three favorite things to eat or drink. And when you add some boozy deliciousness to iced coffee? Well, we have a winner. Big time. This recipe is simple, but impressive. Make it for your friends, and enjoy the compliments!

Now, I know there are several types of coffee liqueurs out there, but do yourself a favor and find St. George Spirits NOLA Coffee Liqueur. It has a rich, delicious taste and is absolutely perfect on it's own, but it blends into this recipe beautifully. My local Whole Foods carries it, along with an awesome assortment of local spirits, beers, and wines so that is where I get it. You can locate where to buy it HERE though. Also, when it comes to Cold Brew the one brewed in-house at Whole Foods is also my favorite. If you're not lucky enough to have a Whole Foods nearby definitely try to find a smaller batch cold brew. I find they're generally a tad stronger, and have a much better taste. You will also need vanilla vodka. The Absolut is my favorite, though there are several available.

First up, fill a small glass with ice. Pour one ounce of the coffee liqueur over it.

Then pour one ounce of the vanilla vodka over that.

And then two ounces of your cold brew. With this recipe it would be easiest to have a jigger on hand. (That's what I'm using. It's a double-ended shot glass. One end is one ounce, the other is two. Mine is from HERE.)

When I make this drink for my husband, we stop there. He drinks his morning coffee black. But I prefer something sweeter, so I add a splash of half and half. This part is all to taste - omit completely, or go crazy. It is all up to you, my friend.

Ah. I love the look of half and half swirling into coffee!!

Give your cocktail a gentle stir and enjoy!
I hope you guys love this drink, it's one of our favorites!

Special thanks to Maryam of Hi + Hello Photography for the amazing pictures! She is so incredibly talented, and if you're in the Bay Area, make sure to keep her in mind for your photo needs!

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Bracelet: Stella & Dot
Straw and clear coffee cup: Homegoods
Jigger: Amazon

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