Thursday, January 26, 2017

Leila's boho chic birthday party

"So.....boho chic is like fancy hippies?" Leila was flipping through one of my magazines, and there was a page dedicated to boho chic street fashion. After looking at the pictures Leila said "So...boho chic is like fancy hippies?" and that put the idea for a boho chic birthday party in her head.

I found the perfect (and super affordable!) invitation on Etsy:

The week of Leila's party was a bit of a whirlwind, and to say that I was less prepared than usual was an understatement, but we made it work. This party was simple, and fun and the girls all had a blast!

Decor was BEYOND simple! The Target Dollar Spot (which is not at all the dollar spot, but more like the $3 and $5 spot, and YES - I know they changed the name of it to Bullseye's Playground, but to me it will always be the Dollar Spot!) was where I got just about everything, including all balloons and the happy birthday banner. I threw up a couple of free printables I found from Pinterest, and that was about it!

A cactus vase I already had, and a cheapie bouquet from Trader Joe's worked perfectly with the party theme.

The first thing we did was make terrariums. I found the perfect, little bowls at Michaels, picked up stones and moss, and my friend Jessica from The Petal Company got us the succulents.

 I told the girls the basics of how to make them, and they got to work. All of their terrariums turned out beautifully!

(And how cute do they all look in their little flower crowns?!)

After lunch they had a simple lunch of Leila's requested favorites - mac and cheese, strawberries and grapes and goldfish, and then it was time to make dream catchers.

Tony painted that little dream catcher - he's good, right?! I bought a bunch of embroidery hoops, yarn and various trims for the project.

 Superdad over here, teaching them how to make them, but first having them wear them like crowns ;)

The girls got into it! They were all so creative!!

And all of their dream catchers were beautiful!

Dessert was a store-bought cake that I added oreos too, and cactus and dream catcher cookies.

We had such a great time celebrating our sweet girl!

Happy birthday, Leila!!

Here are some images to PIN:

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