Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Current Beauty Obsessions....and a FAIL!

The best beauty products I've tried in a loooooong while!
First up is the mascara that everyone keeps asking me about....literally, I've been asked if I'm wearing false lashes or have extensions when I'm wearing Maybelline's "The Falsies Push Up Angel" mascara. Seriously, what is up with these long names? One of my most popular blog posts is my MASCARA SMACKDOWN, so it's known that I love me some Maybelline mascara. I believe this is one of their newest formulas, and I can't recommend it enough!

Evan Healy Wild Carrot Eye Balm. This brand is brand new to me, but I've been using this EVERYTHING balm since I got it from Whole Foods a few weeks ago. It is super rich and super hydrating, and great for anywhere you're feeling dry. I use a small dab under each eye (remember to gently pat things on your under eye area, never rub as you could cause skin damage.) I put it on at night, and let it really soak in. I also love it on my cuticles.

Trade Joe's coffee body scrub. Oh my goodness, this stuff is heavenly! It has a great texture to really exfoliate and give you THE smoothest skin! It smells like freshly ground coffee, with the slightest hint of coconut. It is the bomb dot com! Only downside is it makes a bit of a mess in your shower, but that's not the product's fault, now is it? Try it - it's only five bucks and soooooooo good!

BECCA Soft Light Blurring Powder. This is a really beautiful, finely-milled setting powder that has the *tiniest* bit of shimmer. It sets your makeup all day, and that tiny bit of shimmer adds a really pretty radiance. The powder alone is $38, bt if you buy it HERE it's less than $35 for the powder, and the brush!

Infallible Foundations by L'Oreal. Holy crap, you guys. L'Oreal got it so, SO right with both their Glow-Pro and Pro Matte formulas. Both wear beautifully all day, without creasing. My suggestion to you is to look at these swatches (GLOW PRO SWATCHES // PRO MATTE SWATCHES) and then order two you think might work for you, and send the other back. For reference I'm a 204 (or 104 in the matte) I kept the 103 in the matte, because it works when I add just a touch of bronzer. They've got a pretty decent range of colors, and even my olive-skinned mom has found a great shade. I find them to be about $5 cheaper on Amazon than any drugstore, and if you send one back no one is going to hastle you ;)

L'Oreal Colour Riche lipstick in EVERBLOOM. Run to amazon to grab this right now, because there's a $1 coupon, making it under five bucks! I like this lipstick line because it is super hydrating, and has great staying power. This is the perfect corally-rose color, and is so flattering!

And for my beauty FAIL. Ugh. I don't know if I got a bad batch, or what but I absolutely hated the new eye primers by Physician's Formula. Someone on my Instagram was raving about how much she loved them, so naturally I had to try. They were so bad for me. I used them the way I use my normal primer, and I swear this stuff made my eye makeup crease and flake worse than it ever has, even without primer. Not worth it.

Beauty items I'd like to try: CC Cream by It, Confidence in an Eye Cream (also by IT) and BECCA First Light Primer. What are some things you are wanting to try?? And what are YOUR current beauty obsessions?!

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