Thursday, April 20, 2017

Festival-Inspired Braids with House of Cabelo

With Coachella kicking things off, Festival Season is officially upon us. While I'm not exactly the festival going type (I'm more of the intimate concert at Wente Vineyards, with a nice glass of cab in my hands type) I can certainly appreciate festival-inspired braids. I recently went to House of Cabelo, where I got to try out some festival-inspired braids that I'm excited to share with all of you!

Look #1 - Dutch Braided pigtails, finished with a messy bun on each side. (If you don't already know how to do a Dutch braid, HERE is a video explaining it.) To create this look Erica did two loose Dutch Braid pigtails, and then gently tugged at each braid strand (also known as "pancaking") to create volume and texture. Instead of going all of the way down with the braid she ended a bit below each ear, and finished them off with a messy bun. For more of a festival look, add a beaded headband. To make this a more everyday wearable look, skip the headband and still pancake the braids, just less.

Look #2: Pull-Through Braid with dried lavender. To achieve this look Erica did a method called the pull-through braid, which isn't really a braid at all. While watching her do it I couldn't believe how simple it was! HERE is a video explaining the technique. Erica pancaked each strand, and then added sprigs of dried lavender. To make it more wearable just omit the lavender.

I was inspired to try it out on my girls for Easter, and it really was easy!!

Look #3: Dutch braid across loose waves. I think this was my favorite of all of the looks we tried. Erica Dutch braided a few extensions, and pancaked them. She then placed the piece on the top of my head, and secured with bobby pins. To make it more boho chic and festival-ready she then threaded the chain of a broken necklace throughout the braid. So clever, right?! To make it more of an everyday look just leave out the chain.

Look #4: The Dutch Braid Crown. This was so pretty, and what I ended up wearing for the rest of the day. Erica did the Dutch Braid technique and continued it until I ran out of hair. She tucked the ends in and secured with bobby pins. HERE is a video explaining how. This is something I would wear all the time!

Here are the products used to give my super fine hair some grit, and hold:
*More Inside  * Dry  *Outer Space  *Death Valley *More Inside Shine Spray *Thick *Badlands {all available at House of Cabelo}

This is Erica, the rockstar who created all of these looks, and the co-owner of House of Cabelo in downtown Pleasanton. Her and her entire team are so amazing at everything they do, and create some really incredible braids! Give them a call at 925.426.1250 or visit their website HERE and be sure to follow them on INSTAGRAM for some serious hair inspiration!

Have you been to any festivals? Do you plan to go to any? And what do you think of festival-inspired braids? Which would you rock?!

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