Friday, October 20, 2017

Current Beauty OBSESSIONS

A lot of products come my way - some are great, some are not. Below are a collection of things I have been using and loving!

The Zoya lipstick in Addie is my new everyday color. It's the most gorgeous pink/mauve/nude and it had great lasting power. If I want to pump up the color I line my lips and fill them in entirely with Chocolate glimmerstick by Avon. I also love this liner with another lip favorite, Clay Crush by Maybelline.

The L'Oreal mask was actually sent to me from Influenster (such a fun concept!! Sign up HERE if you haven't yet. Free products in exchange for honest reviews!) Anyways, I was sent the "Clear & Comfort" version of this mask, and I really enjoyed it! My skin felt super smooth and soft after I used it, and it helped to dry out a pimple I had, without drying out my skin. I will definitely buy a new tub of this when I run out! The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is something I should have told you guys about loooooong ago! I've been using it for over two years, and only recently bought a second jar. You put a tiny dab on your lips right before bed, and wake up with beautifully hydrated lips. We are coming to the time of year where it's getting colder and drier, so I tend to add a bit more at night during the chilly months.

Native deodorant. So, I did an Instagram story mentioning that I was going to make the switch over to natural deodorant, and I've never had so many direct messages in my life, lol! Anyways, I have successfully made the switch and am really loving Native brand! The scent I'm using and loving is Apricot & White Peach. If you've been thinking of making the switch to natural deodorants, I highly recommend it. I switched Tony over too, and he's been really happy as well.

Makeup Forever's nourishing primer was sent to me a while ago, and I finally picked it up recently, and have been thrilled. My skin is super sensitive and for most of my life has been oily. Since I've gotten older it's moved onto combination, and quite recently it's been feeling dry. I switched over to this hydrating primer and am in love! It makes my skin feel great, and holds my makeup on all day.

The Urban Decay Troublemaker is bomb dot com!!! It goes on so beautifully, doesn't flake off and is super black! My one criticism is that it's a bit harder to remove than other mascaras, but I can handle it, for the look it gives off. Also, the packaging is super pretty ;)

What are YOUR current beauty obsessions?! What should I try next??!

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