Friday, September 14, 2007

Leila's new car seat came today.

Normally when I have a package waiting for me I get very excited, and rip it open before I even let poor Ramon out of his crate. Not today. Leila's new "big girl" car seat came today. Technically I could keep Leila in her cute, little infant car seat until she's one - but it wouldn't be fair to her. Her feet are touching the seat, and when I turn around I can see the top of her head. Sigh. Her new car seat is the Marathon by Britax, which is the best one for her, at this stage. I got it in the Crocodile print, in case Baby #2 is a boy, he won't have to sit in a pink flowery monstrosity. Here's the new ride:

Not nearly as cute as Leila's pink and black car seat she's currently in, huh? But, I know you didn't think I'd make my princess sit in that ugly way! To make it more Leila-esque I've ordered this cover:

I've decided to wait until Leila's 8-month birthday (9/25) to make the big switch...she may be ready, but I'm not. I cannot believe my tiny, little Peanut is already going to be graduating into a big girl car seat.

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