Monday, September 17, 2007

My current obsession

I am obsessed with Caress bodywash. I blame it completely on Autumn, who, during the cruise packed a travel-size Caress body wash in Tahitian Renewal. That was the start of my obsession. I needed my own, so when we got back from the cruise I headed to Target to pick one up. I then discovered the other yummy scents, and found one I loved even more - Cashmere Luxury. Yum. I knew I wanted the Tahitian Renewal, but I also wanted the Cashmere Luxury...what's a girl to do? I got both. Tony wasn't too happy when I added two new body washes into our shower that was already crowded with bath products from Philosophy, Laura Mercier, Kiehls and Borgheses, but too bad for him - a girl needs options. That was a few months ago, and my Caress obsession has not gone away. I want them all. My Caress collection has expanded to four: Tahitian Renewal, Cashmere Luxury, Berry Indulgence and Glowing Touch.

I'd like to say my obsession with Caress is done, but I know it's not - to have them all I still need to get Daily Silk, Moroccan Exotic Oil Infusion and Japanese Exotic Oil Infusion. And, what do you know...this week at Target they're on sale 2 for $7. Looks like it is going to be a bad week for Tony's ever-shrinking shower space.

You should try out these great (and cheap!) body washes! Like I said, they're on sale at Target, or you can read about the scents at Enjoy!

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