Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mama's day out...

Aaaaah, wine tasting. Whoever thought of the whole concept of wine tasting is someone I would like to kiss, smack on the lips. Yesterday I had a fabulous Girl's Day Out with six girlfriends, in the Livermore Wine Country. The best part about it (besides the company, and free vino!) was that Tony dropped me off, and my friend Katie took me home. No driving for me meant no holding back! It's not like I went crazy, a la my bachelorette party, but I certainly had a great time!

I spazzed on the time, so I was an hour late. Of course I was mortified because I'm usually ten minutes early everywhere - although I find myself being late much more often since having Leila, but I digress - so I missed Concannon Winery. Boo! I did make it to Page Mill Winery which was really nice! It has a small, dark tasting room, and they are not cheap on the size or amount of the pours. The wine was delicious, and there were also free brownies. What's not to like? We then had a potluck picnic at Page Mill and had a really delicious spread. We then went to Steven Kent Winery which was also a lot of fun, and we ended at White Crane Winery, which had a delicious Sparkling Wine that I will have to go back and get!

All in all it was a wonderful day, and it was great to come home to a peacefully sleeping baby, and a husband who missed me! Seriously - I got a great, big hug and an "I missed you!" Here's a pic of us enjoying our picnic, and the great wine from Page Mill:

From left we have: Melissa, Donna, Me!, Rachel, Katie, Alison and Lisa.

Thanks for the great day, girls!!

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